About Me

Choose Wisconsin Websites LLC - https://wisconsin-websites.com/Website design is fun, and alot of work, but lucky for me I enjoy it.

I want to take the mystery out of website design. It's just a skill like any other - installing an air conditioner, managing a restaurant, or designing a home. I often see people intimidated by the thought of a website and it doesn't have to be that way. Yes, website design can be complicated, but it's not rocket science.

Other agencies can do what I do. But they have large staffs and have to pay the costs associated with that - rent, salaries, benefits, utilities, and others. How can they afford it? By passing those costs onto their client - you. So there comes a time when you have to ask yourself how much you are willing to pay for a website. To pay $9,000 for a five-page, non-commercial website is ludicrous, but I've seen it done.

But back to me. After an honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps I earned a bachelor's degree in business administration. I have over two decades of experience in the technology field and have several technical certifications including project management. I have published three technical articles and have presented nationally and internationally on the topic of data warehousing. Finally, I wrote a book titled From College to Career - Making a Successful Transition to the Corporate World to help young professionals entering the workplace.

I also have a passion for writing and art. Creating websites allows me to apply my technical experience, writing skills, and art appreciation to create an attractive, secure, reliable, and easy-to-use website for you.

I bring to website design common sense, a realistic perspective, and good judgement earned from experience. So Click or Call. Let's see what we can achieve together.


Jerry Bustamente
Wisconsin Websites LLC

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