Easy To Use

Your website should be so easy to use that visitors do not even notice. They are not surprised or confused by not knowing what to do next. Here's the good news - a visitor to your website assumes it will be easy to use. It's my job to not disappoint them. The degree to which your website is easy to use is called usability. Here are some components that have an impact on usability.Wisconsin Websites LLC Easy To Use Website


Some websites are so over-designed they look "cool" but can be very difficult to use. More than once I had to literally search the screen for the menu only to discover it was difficult to use. Also, it is often true that the "cooler" a website is, the more it costs to create and change.


People have grown accustomed to what has become almost standard navigation design - Home, Services, About Us, FAQ, Contact, Help and a few other menu selections. You'll have your own unique needs (like this website) but keeping usability in mind is critical.


When someone first navigates to your website they gain a quick, overall impression and this impression carries over to how they "absorb" the rest of your website. Is your website relaxed? Edgy? Energetic? Joyful? Are you a knitter, band, lawyer, or bed and breakfast? The tone of your website should be consistent and reflect the nature of your website. This will feel more comfortable to the visitor.


Sometimes the first impression of a website is simply overwhelming with confusing clumps of text and images (either one or both could be flashing), distracting video that automatically starts playing, unwelcome pop-up windows or swing-in boxes, and advertisements all over the place. The visitor does not want to spend the time and energy it would take to make sense of what they are seeing. They'll simply click away to a different website. I would. I do.

Usability is a complex topic with many psychological subtleties, but there are fundamental principles I will apply to make your website easy to use.

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