Frequently Asked Questions

Wisconsin Websites LLC Frequently Asked QuestionsWhy shoud I choose Wisconsin Websites LLC?

By working with me you will benefit from my experience, honesty, cost transparency, and flexibility. I also do what I say I will do, am realistic, and am able to understand your goals and priorities.

How much will it cost?

Because every website is unique, Wisconsin Websites LLC prices its services at a rate of $85 per hour. To price a website by the number of website pages is like pricing a car by how much it weighs. Depending on how many features you need, a single website page can be extremely complex and require more labor to create than a simpler, six page website (for example). For your planning purposes I can provide a very high-level, non-binding estimated cost at the beginning of this process

How long will it take?

How complex your website is will determine how long it will take to create. Part of the process is to identify what needs to be done, estimate how many hours those tasks will take, sequence the tasks, factor in our schedules, and come up with an estimated completion date. It's really just common sense and not as complex as it sounds. Creating your website will probably take much less time than you think.

What do I get?

You will get an attractive, secure, reliable, and easy-to-use website that meets your goals and that you can be proud of.

What is the process?

In a nutshell, I'll send you a short questionnaire and ask you to fill it out and return it to me or just bring it to our first meeting. At that meeting we'll discuss the questionnaire as well as anything else we think is important. Next, we need to identify specific requirements. After that, I will calculate a timeframe (factoring in our schedules), create a project plan, estimate costs, and then we sign a contract. After that we gather content, design the layout, then put it all together. During this process we'll need to discuss changes and review our progress.

Why use WordPress?

You can read more here why WordPress is the most secure, reliable, high-performance, industry standard website development software in existence. Over 34% of all websites in the world were created using WordPress.  You can read more here about high profile websites that use WordPress such as IBM, Sony Music, and Home Depot.

How "technical" do I need to be?

You do not need any technical knowledge for us to build your website. That's my job, but I would be happy to share with you the details, to any level you desire, of the technical work I perform.

What types of websites can you create?

There are many types of websites, but they generally fall into four broad categories - E-Commerce, Brochure, Non-Profit, and Individual - and I am equally focused on all four. For commercial websites, my focus is on home and small businesses. You can read more here about the types of websites I can create for you. You can view samples of my work here.

What should I put on my website?Choose Wisconsin Websites LLC -

It can be hard to determine what should appear on your website and that's perfectly natural. But when you really think about why you want a website it becomes easier to identify what to put on it. You are not alone in this effort. Working together, we can figure out what you need. By the way, the stuff that goes on your website is called "content" and content is usually words, images, documents, and videos. I can help find or create engaging content for you.

What if I Already Have a Website?

Great! We can use your existing content to create a new website and save both time and money doing so. More often than not we can reduce costs and improve the design. You can read more here.

Can you enhance my website?

Yes. Your website can be enhanced in many ways. You can read more here.

What is your approach to website design?

My approach is based on six principles - have a plan, collaborate, listen, keep it simple, measure twice and cut once, and don't re-invent the wheel. You can read more here about my approach.

Will my website be easy to use?

Absolutely. We want visitors to feel comfortable when they use your website. You can read more here about usability.

How complex is all this?

The Basic Package is very straight forward. The Extended Package is more complex due to the need for more features. The E-Commerce Package is often the most complex because of the need for not only more features, but for greater security and recoverability requirements. Regardless of which package you choose, with a good plan we'll do fine. You can read more here about  the three packages.

Do I need a contract?

Probably. Having a contract makes it easier to know what will be included in your website, what will not, help keep track of our progress, and know when we are done.

How many changes can I request?

You are entitled to two full rounds of changes prior to your website going "live". You can read more here about changes to your website.

Can I change my website after it is "live"?

Yes, but it can quickly become complex and may require the skills of a website designer such as myself.

What do I need to do?

Think about what you want on your website and what you want your website to be able to do. For example, collect contact information or generate a newsletter. You can read more here about website requirements.

What about security?

Nothing is more important than keeping your website safe. You can read more here about security.

Can I see my website while it is being created?

Yes. In fact, we need to regularly review your website to make sure you are getting what you want.

What if my website is broken or unavailable?

I will design your website for maximum reliability. You can read more here about reliability.

Where will my website be located?

Your website will be hosted by a company that securely hosts other websites.

Choose Wisconsin Websites LLC - my website be read on phones and tablets?

Yes. This is called responsive design.

How can my website be maintained after it is created?

Creating your website is one thing. Depending on which package you choose, keeping it alive takes a little effort. You can read more here about website maintenance services.

What if there are problems after my website goes live?

Your contract provides 30 days of free problem support after your website goes "live". Beyond that, I can provide various levels of support to help with problems.

What about social websites like Twitter and Facebook?

Managing your "social" life can quickly get time-consuming. You can read more here to see how WordPress works with various social websites to make it easier.

What about Google?

If your website has meaningful content, Google will find you. But there are ways to help Google understand the value of your website. You can read more here. One of the services I provide is to set up a Google My Business listing for your website.

Do I even need a website?

Maybe not. Sometimes just a printed brochure will be enough. But sometimes not. From an economic standpoint it's cheaper to use a website than to print a new brochure or publish a new advertisement in a magazine or newspaper every time you want to update or add information about your products and services.

Do I even need a website?

Maybe not. Sometimes just a printed brochure will be enough. But sometimes not. From an economic standpoint it's cheaper to use a website than to print a new brochure or publish a new advertisement in a magazine or newspaper every time you want to update or add information about your products and services.

What about free WordPress?

There is the option to use WordPress for free. This option provides very limited design and functionality choicesAlso, this option automatically and randomly displays advertisements on your website whether you want WordPress to do so or not. These advertisements have a very negative impact on both the appearance and usability of a website. Wisconsin Websites LLC  does not recommend using free WordPress, but will guide you in the creation and maintenance of such a website at the rate of $85 per hour.

Can I have more than one website?

Definitely. For example, you may want one website to organize a family reunion, another one for your hobby or team, and another one to sell your photographs.

Can I give a website as a gift?

Certainly. Holidays, birthdays, or any other occasion. Contact me for details.