Wisconsin Websites LLC Services Website MaintenanceCreating a website is one thing, keeping it alive is another. Existing features need to continue to operate as expected. Software, security, and other components need to be monitored and updated if necessary. This helps keep your website secure, reliable, and easy to use.

Maintenance is priced as a package, is performed monthly, and requires a one year contract. The price will be estimated based on the size and complexity of your website at a rate of $85 per hour.

The following actions are part of the Maintenance service.

Security Review
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) review
Usability review
Update the WordPress Content Management System software
Update theme software
Update plugin software
Find and fix broken links
Verify content currency (does the content still matter) and quality
Test all features (as practical)

I can provide these services for any WordPress website whether I created it or not.

To find out more visit Frequently Asked Questions.