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Marcel de Ridder – Marcel’s Solutions

“Jerry was great. Really listened to me. Very professional. Helped me find and create content. Great designer. Fast turnaround. Totally transparent in price. No surprises. Great support and follow-up. Can’t say enough good about him. I highly recommend Jerry.”

Mark Banczak – The Village Barber

“I found Jerry to be an excellent website designer. He understood what I was looking for in a website and created it with professionalism and in less time than I imagined it could be done. I highly recommend Jerry.”

Lynn Unkeferl – North Coast Leather Works LLC

“I had the pleasure of closely working with Jerry to create my E-Commerce website. He understood what I needed from both a business and technical standpoint. Jerry’s attention to detail was amazing and he was fully committed to performing his … Read More

Wisconsin Websites LLC About Me
Why Choose Wisconsin Websites LLC?

Why Choose Wisconsin Websites LLC? I bring a fresh perspective to website design and that is a strong focus on you first, then technology. This is all about you. I will collaborate with you to design a website that meets your … Read More

Website Fixed Costs

Fixed Costs To accurately budget for your website you need to know your website’s fixed costs. Fixed costs come in two varieties. The first type of fixed costs are for the initial creation of your website. The second type of … Read More

Fixed Costs Review

Fixed Costs Review Over time the fixed costs for your website can easily cost you more than you paid for your website. Why? Because building your website is a one-time purchase. Fixed costs are a monthly or yearly payment for … Read More

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