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Welcome To Wisconsin Websites LLC

Welcome To Wisconsin Websites LLC … and thanks for coming. You want a website, but how much will it cost? How long will it take? How “technical” do you need to be? The answers to those questions and many more can … Read More

Types Of Websites

Types Of Websites Blog Blogs come in many flavors – diaries, observations, opinions, or discussions focused on a specific topic. The uses are endless. Even E-Commerce websites have blogs. Brochure Website Brochure websites are very common and are used to … Read More

Why WordPress?

Why WordPress? The Old Way Traditionally, websites were created using highly customized software. This is still done, but it has several drawbacks. Cost – Writing highly customized software is labor intensive and that labor is a major cost when creating … Read More

What About Google?

Google Expectations It can be frustrating to do a Google search and not find your brand new website. After all, you paid money for it. You want to be found. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Where, or even if, your … Read More

Website Services

Services There are four phases in the life-cycle of a website – create (or replace), maintain, enhance, and retire. I can provide the necessary services for each phase. Create Or Replace Website The activities listed below are just some of … Read More

Website Requirements

Website Requirements We want your website to be a success, but how will we know when we are done? Simple. At the beginning of the project we need to identify all the things your website should be able to do. … Read More

Website Prices

Packages And Prices Wisconsin Websites LLC offers three website packages. We can work together to choose the package that best fits your needs. Wisconsin Websites LLC services are billed at a rate of $85 per hour regardless of the choice of package. … Read More

Website Changes

Website Changes Your website will evolve as we build it. But websites can be tricky. You can endlessly tweak a website. It is tempting to do so. But what looks like just a small change often ends up taking more … Read More

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