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Twitter & Facebook

Twitter & Facebook Wouldn’t it be great if you could create a blog entry on your website and the entry automatically appeared in your Twitter feed? Or on your Facebook timeline? Or both? Why would you want to do this? … Read More

Secure Website

Secure Security is the most critical feature of your website. Nothing can drive a visitor away from your website quicker or more permanently than a security breach. But the fact is no website is invulnerable. However, good security practices can … Read More


My Portfolio EAT.DRINK.REPEAT Here is an example of a restaurant Brochure website I mocked-up. Click on the image to view the website. North Coast Leather Works LLC – Motorcycle, Cowboy, Dress – Hand Made Boot Belts Here is an E-Commerce website. … Read More

My Approach

My Approach Have a Plan Creating a website is too complex to just “wing it”. I create and work from a plan to keep costs down, save time, and avoid re-work. Collaborate Two (or more) heads are better than one. … Read More

Wisconsin Websites LLC Frequently Asked Questions Content
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Why shoud I choose Wisconsin Websites LLC? By working with me you will benefit from my experience, honesty, cost transparency, and flexibility. I also do what I say I will do, am realistic, and am able to … Read More

Breakdown of Fixed Costs

Breakdown of Fixed Costs Here is a breakdown of fixed costs for both the first and future years. You can use these estimates to budget for your website. Estimated Breakdown of the 1st Year Fixed Costs Estimated Breakdown of the … Read More

Contact Me

Contact Me There’s alot to consider when building a website. I’m here to help. Let’s take the stress out of the process. Don’t hesitate to contact me for a free consultation. It will be a pleasure hearing from you. 608.235.5169 … Read More

Already Have A Website?

Already Have A Website? Great! If you already have a website then you have content we can use. Now we can take it a step further and reduce your costs and improve the design. Reduce Costs More often than not … Read More

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