Process To Create A Website

For many people the thought of building their own website can be very intimidating. It doesn't have to be. I have always found it helpful to learn something new from the top down. That is, give me a high level overview of how something is done, point me to the available tools, then I'll put the parts together. That's what we'll do here. And here is some great news - you do not have to know or do any coding. Today, with a smart selection of tools coding is obsolete.

But I will not kid you. Even with the best of tools it is still not simple and will take time to both learn and do.


My goal here is to describe a process I have developed based upon my experience. It works. I try to not makes things more complicated than they need to be. This will not be a detailed, step-by-step procedure to build a website but I will direct you to those procedures.

A website is made up of the following primary components.

Hosting - this is where your website will "live", where it is located.

Theme - this is the software skeleton of your website. You will modify this structure to serve your needs.

Design - here is where the layout, colors, structure, and functionality of your website is determined.

Plugins - these specialized software packages are used to perform very specific tasks.

Address - this is address where your website will be found. For example,

Security - this software is designed to prevent hackers from attacking your website.