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Marcel de Ridder - Marcel's Solutions

"Jerry was great. Really listened to me. Very professional. Helped me find and create content. Great designer. Fast turnaround. Totally transparent in price. No surprises. Great support and follow-up. Can't say enough good about him. I highly recommend Jerry."

Mark Banczak - The Village Barber

"I found Jerry to be an excellent website designer. He understood what I was looking for in a website and created it with professionalism and in less time than I imagined it could be done. I highly recommend Jerry."

Marijean Arneson - Rust and Lace Boutique

"Jerry created a great website for my Rust & Lace Boutique. He was very easy to work with and understood what we were looking for from a business standpoint. Jerry was very creative. Have him create your website. You’ll be glad you did."

Lynn Unkeferl - North Coast Leather Works LLC

"I had the pleasure of closely working with Jerry to create my E-Commerce website. He understood what I needed from both a business and technical standpoint. Jerry's attention to detail was amazing and he was fully committed to performing his job with the highest quality. We finished the project in just 4 months which I learned is fast for an E-Commerce website. His prices were far more affordable than his competitors. He was flexible with his time and communicated well. I highly recommend Jerry to anyone who needs a website."