Types Of Websites


Blogs come in many flavors - diaries, observations, opinions, or discussions focused on a specific topic. The uses are endless. Even E-Commerce websites have blogs.

Brochure Website

Brochure websites are very common and are used to promote a wide range of purposes, professions, and organizations. Examples include restaurants, dentists, boutiques, and hair salons. It is important to know that a website which offers products or services for purchase online is an E-Commerce website, not a Brochure website.

Club Website

These types of websites can be used to bring together people with shared interests such as photography or cooking.

Choose Wisconsin Websites LLC -  https://wisconsin-websites.com/Community and Public Service Website

These organizations could benefit from a website to educate, inform, and ask for volunteers or donations.

E-Commerce Website

Any website that offers products or services for purchase on the Internet is an E-Commerce website. This includes downloadable software and other files such as images, video, and music.

Event Website

Events are one-time announcements - an art fair, music concert, and seminar are only a few examples. The information on this type of website rarely changes once it is created and the website is often, but not always, obsolete after the event.Choose Wisconsin Websites LLC -  https://wisconsin-websites.com/

Hobby Website

These websites can be used to share and learn.

Home Business Website

Home-based business websites usually sell products that were created or packaged by the owner of the business. These types of businesses are usually located in the home. These websites are classified as E-Commerce.

Non-Profit Website

These worthy websites require special attention to tone and content. Communicating the mission is critical, but so is presenting it in an appealing way. Come on too strong and visitors could be turned off. Too passive and a visitor may conclude a lack of passion. Layout, choice of images, and especially the tone of written content must be closely examined with those considerations in mind.

Portfolio Website

The focus of these websites is visual but can include other art forms and uses. If this type of website offers items for sale then it is a Home or Small Business E-Commerce website.

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These websites are for distinct legal entities that sell products or services. They can be privately owned corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, or sole proprietorships. Small businesses often have fewer than 30 employees. These businesses typically have a physical location apart from that of the owner's home. These websites are classified as E-Commerce.


Sports websites are used to organize events, keep records, share advice, and promote the sport.

Worship Website

These websites are often a communication vehicle for those already involved in the faith. Outreach may also be one of the goals. Care must be taken to ensure the content and tone respect the needs of the believers.

Any non-commercial website can use either the Basic Package or the Extended Package. Any website that sells products or services on the Internet will need to use the E-Commerce Package. You can read more here about the packages.

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