Fixed Costs

Choose Wisconsin Websites LLC - accurately budget for your website you need to know your website's fixed costs. Fixed costs come in two varieties. The first type of fixed costs are for the initial creation of your website. The second type of fixed costs are ongoing costs. In other words, costs to keep your website going after its first year.

It is important to know that Wisconsin Websites LLC does not make a profit on fixed costs. That would not be fair. Those costs are only passed onto you from the service provider.

I believe in absolute transparency. I do not want to surprise you with unanticipated costs. For every component of your website I'll show you why you need it and the 1st year and ongoing costs. Fixed costs are not often provided to a client. They are usually bundled into the total cost of your website. Also, most agencies charge a markup for fixed costs. You can read more here for a detailed breakdown of some of the fixed costs. The price of your website includes the 1st year fixed costs, not the ongoing fixed costs.

Estimated 1st Year Fixed Costs for the BasicExtended, and E-Commerce Packages

Basic PackageExtended PackageE-Commerce Package

Estimated On-Going Annual Fixed Costs for the Basic, Extended, and E-Commerce Packages

Basic PackageExtended PackageE-Commerce Package

The costs above are estimates and will vary. You may get very different estimates from other website designers. We can sit down before we do business and I can show you the source of these prices. There are other services that some website designers may classify as fixed costs. Some of these do add value - E-mail Campaigns and Branding - but these are not required to have a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use website. When searching for a website designer ask them to breakdown the costs. Ask them to show you the exact source of their prices and how they apply to your needs.

It is important to know that these are not the only fixed costs. Depending on your needs, other fixed costs could include plugins (specialized software) and content such as images, video, music, and others. The above estimated prices are as of November 20, 2018 but these prices are subject to change at the service providers discretion.

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