Packages And Prices

Choose Wisconsin Websites LLC - Websites LLC offers three website packages. We can work together to choose the package that best fits your needs. Wisconsin Websites LLC services are billed at a rate of $85 per hour regardless of the choice of package.

Because every website is unique, Wisconsin Websites LLC prices its services by the hour. To price a website by the number of website pages is like pricing a car by how much it weighs. Depending on how many features you need, a single website page can be extremely complex and require more labor to create than a simpler, six page website (for example).

Basic Package

This economical package provides limited design and functionality options. For example, the layout of the pages and the color of the text may not be able to be changed. Security and recoverability is sufficient, but not sophisticated. These limitations may be overcome with the Extended Package. The Basic Package uses the WordPress Premium Plan and is suitable for many websites. 

Extended Package

This package provides almost total flexibility in design and functionality. For example, the location of content, text color, and greater security and recovery capabilities are available. This package provides a wide range of functionality - newsletters, tables, and advanced slide show features to name just a few.

E-Commerce Package

This package provides the same flexibility as the Extended Package. And because it offers products or services for sale, this package provides higher performance as well as more sophisticated security and recovery capabilities. (A website that presents a business, but does not sell products or services online, is not an E-Commerce website but is a Brochure website and is priced as either a Basic Package or as an Extended Package.)

A Word About Free WordPress Websites

There is the option to use WordPress for free. This option provides very limited design and functionalityAlso, this option automatically and randomly displays advertisements on your website whether you want WordPress to do so or not. These advertisements have a very negative impact on both the appearance and usability of your website. Wisconsin Websites LLC  does not recommend using free WordPress, but will guide you in the creation of such a website at the rate of $85 per hour.

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