Website Requirements

We want your website to be a success, but how will we know when we are done? Simple. At the beginning of the project we need to identify all the things your website should be able to do. These are called requirements, and it is critical that they are as specific as possible. Putting them together is like solving a puzzle to end up with a successful website. It all starts with having a clear idea of what you want to accomplish with your website. Then, we identify specific things that will make that happen.Wisconsin Websites Website Requirements

For example, here is a list of requirements that are not specific enough.

  • The website shall be able to take money
  • The website shall present videos
  • The website shall sell products

And here is a list of specific requirements.

  • The website shall be able to take donations with PayPal
  • The website shall present three videos on the subject of green woodworking
  • The website shall sell framed color photographs of the Grand Canyon

Compare the first list of requirements to the second list. The first list is too vague. Too much time and money would be spent trying to create the requirements in the first list.

Well defined requirements will make it clear what exactly your website will be able to do, enable us to measure our progress, and let us know when we are done.

Rather than leap into creating a website, taking the time to identify specific requirements will make sure we focus only on what needs to be done, avoid distractions, and save time and money. Measure twice. Cut once.

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