Wisconsin Websites LLC What About GoogleExpectations

It can be frustrating to do a Google search and not find your brand new website. After all, you paid money for it. You want to be found. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Where, or even if, your website appears on a Google search is dependent on some fundamental variables, one of which you have control over and that is content.

The formula Google uses to determine a website's ranking is top-secret and always changing. But there are what is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that I can use to help Google recognize the value of your website. Here are just some of the major variables Google uses in deciding where to rank your website in search results.


Google is looking for value in your content - real information that can satisfy a search.


If Google sees that a highly respected website has a link to your website, it may factor that into its decision of where to rank your website.


How long a website has been in existence may also be considered by Google.


The volume of traffic to your website is a good indicator to Google of how popular your website is compared to others.

One of the services I can provide is to establish a Google business account for your website which may increase how high your website appears in a listing of Google search results.

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