Why WordPress?

Wisconsin Websites LLC Why WordPressThe Old Way

Traditionally, websites were created using highly customized software. This is still done, but it has several drawbacks.

  1. Cost - Writing highly customized software is labor intensive and that labor is a major cost when creating or changing a website.
  2. Time - This labor intensive effort significantly increases the amount of time it takes to both create and change a website.
  3. Security and Reliability - Highly customized software undergoes very limited testing compared to WordPress. This can lead to security vulnerabilities and website outages that are only discovered when the website goes "live".

Advantages of Using WordPress

  1. Cost - The core WordPress software is free.
  2. Time - It takes far less time to create or change a website because WordPress uses standardized, pre-written software. This advantage also applies to the next website designer who works on the website.
  3. Security and Reliability - WordPress software is used by several million websites every day - on over 34% of all websites worldwide. This extreme use uncovers security and reliability risks. It is completely impractical for websites created with customized software to be tested to this degree.

There are many fine examples of websites that were created using highly customized software. The problem is, you pay a significant premium for such a website because it takes much longer to create and change.

WordPress is secure, reliable, flexible, high-performance, industry standard website development software. At this link you can see many examples of what can be done with WordPress. Once there, scroll down to see a list of websites by category in Browse Popular Tags.

To find out more visit Frequently Asked Questions.